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by michak / June 11, 2019, 7:45 am

Hi guys,
can you please tell me how I can create this blockquotes?
ยป Screenshot attached.
Didn’t found it in the documentation.
Cheers, Micha



This is Testimonials Element. You can find it in Chelsey Elements

Hmmmm .... but there's no Testimonials Element :-)



Thank you.
But as I said in my last mail, there's no button or anything else for testimonials.
No Icon, content eg.
I can see in the Chelsey Elements a Title and Single Image only.
Do I need an update?
The theme version is: 1.0

But if you want I can give you access to the site.

Sorry for the circumstances.


It looks like you have deleted some files. The theme does not need to be updated. You need to reinstall the plugin. Uninstall the plugin Fragrance Theme Extensions, then reinstall following the instructions for installing the required plugins, its files are in the theme

Sorry, but I delete nothing.
I download now the theme again fron Envato and reinstall all.

And I delete nothing :-)
The Fragrance Theme Extensions are installed.

Ok. I reinstall the theme. But there is no "Testimonial" Button and it looks like the old one.


You didn’t need to reinstall the theme. You need to reinstall the plugin I specified. It is strange that you do not have all the elements. If that doesn't work, give me access to your site.

I need your email and name...
you can send it to:


Sorry, no see email from you. Please, write again