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can’t not upload the xml file from the One Click Demo Import, i have try different network , any other way to import ?

by zerone1110 / January 20, 2019, 6:16 pm



This may mean that the server does not have enough time to download the file, you need to increase it.

  1. Go to your root directory and look for php.ini file.
  2. In this file look for the variable – max_execution_time
  3. This variable might have a certain value like 500 or 600. This value is in mili seconds.
  4. Change this value to the desired range.
  5. Do not put a very large value as it may give bots and spammers scripts more time to run, which will affect your website adversely
  6. In some server you might find a field in the settings section to change this value of maximum execution time.

You can also try to import the file through Tools -> Import -> WordPress -> Install Now and after installation uload the file.

Thanks for response.

I had try to import by tools and download another plugin for import xml https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-all-import/ , is this for vc template?

OR Can i do it in ftp?



This allow you import all type of content


i have reset the  – max_execution_time- to 600 in php.ini file .

unfortunately, it show the same error message (504)

and i can't change the logo in the menu even is smaller tha 70x27png 

Please help 


    Give me, please, link to your website and access data


Good new is import xml file is success  because i reinstall the wordpress

but the logo of the menu still not cant be change . file size 16x16 png.

please help 



If the logo is not installed, after loading click the button File URL, then you will see the file address in the field. After this, save the changes.