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Don’t get the menu on Onepage Website to work

by webdesignetc / July 19, 2016, 10:24 am

Hi there,

Thank your for providing this awesome theme. It's great for our needs. Nethertheless I do not get the menu on our website to work. I followed your documentation instruction and used the HEADER ONE PAGE element to set up an achor link to the section. Anyway, the anchor is used in form of this:


but it does not jump to the section.
If you check out our quellcode the element is placed like this:

<div class='fr_header_one_page' style='visibility:hidden; text-align:;'>< id='contact' class='fr_anchor_one_page' style='font-size:px; font-weight:; color:#212121;'>Contact</></div>

Here you can check out the website. It's currently running on our test server:
We would like to go online as soon as possible but the menu has to work obviously ;D
Any idea how to correct that?
Thank you for your help.




First of all, thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate it!
You did everything right, you just add IDs to the rows, its should be the same as an anchor in the menu.


Great! That solved it on my onepage frontpage :D
But how do I get the menu to work on my Impressum (imprint) page? Now it's the same like on the frontpage but obviously the anchors don't work here because they relate to the front page.

Any idea how to solve that?



I'm glad that helped you solve your issue.

You can only have one menu, as this one-page topic of the creation of multiple menus are not provided.

Ok, no problem. I found a way to solve that issue. I used the whole URL instead of just the anchor element. Problem solved. Have a good day.


Thank you for your kind wishes. Be sure to write, if you have any more questions.

Have a nice work