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Import demo website does not looks like your live demo.

by sfadlallah / May 30, 2019, 6:51 am

Hello there,

I have imported chelsey-data.xml  as per documentation but imported demo website does not looks like your preview demo. I need exactly looks like your website. 

Please help me by installing demo website looks like  your demo  (Do not miss the shop ).

Credenital given below,

Username: admin
Password: Admin123!@#


Thank You.





The import was successful

You just need to install the Woocommerce plug-in store and recommended to it, as described in the documantation.

Never. You did not recomended it  to the required plugin list. (via tgmpa)

Also see the differences between my demo and your demo.

Please check again and help me by installing the demo.




Please, follow Install Section in Documantation