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by alwayson / April 26, 2018, 10:45 am

Hey, I'm running into problems with this theme.
1. The dummy data xml is not importing correctly. When I run the importer on the xml everything fails. It does import the pages and posts but they are mostly missing files or broken. I have tried to run this on this on other wp installs to make sure and it happens on all. Please advise.

2. I can't create a hero image section. Regardless of the size of image I use, there seems to be no way to make the image full width. See attached screengrab

3. The social link icons won't display anywhere. I have added links in the theme options but there's no sign of them outside there????

It would be much more helpful if thedocumentation was more detailed.




1. This is the correct import of data. Images seen in the demo are not available in the sample import data as they have licensed and cannot be redistributed.

2. Apparently, you need to set the Full Width Page template in the Page Attributes. You can give us access to the site and we will help you with the setup.

3. You need not only to add links, but also to turn the switch on.

We will be grateful if you can, what you lacked in the documentation to supplement it.