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Portfolio Section Problems

by romanrosenast / July 13, 2017, 2:54 am

I am having a couple of errors with the Portfolio section of the theme.

First, the section is not reponsive. When viewed on mobile, the items past the second column get cut off and are inaccessable. "Responsive Layout" is one of the "Main Features" of this theme as advertised on Themeforest, so I think that responsiveness is not too much to ask for.

Second, the section does not let me add more than 9 items. If I add more (by making a 10th portfolio post and then designating 10 items to be displayed in the "Portfolio" section of the theme options) they simply do not get displayed.

I hope that this and my other ticket can be addressed soon, I have a client who wants their website published!

I just noticed the white arrows for scrolling that account for both of the problems mentioned above. Of course right after I post I notice my misconception! Cheers


Well, that figured out. Please, if you have any questions