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Slider image not showing in apple

by ilja-ivanov / August 17, 2017, 10:44 am


First of all, i could not register here with an email, please check that

Now my real problem is that this theme is installed here

And both of them, if you have a look at them in apple device, are not showing slider image (see attachment). Please help




Now you have selected the image as a header. In the Theme Options panel select Header -> Choose header layout -> Fullscreen Slider

it's configured exactly like the demo version

and your demo has the same bug VS


And i checked, it is fullscreen slider already


Sorry, I did not correctly understand your problem. Open the style.css file and add a property for the width of the screen smaller than 637px. Orientually this lines 3920

#main_header, .fr_slide_image{
background-attachment: scroll;

ok, tnx)) but problem still is the same - If you have a look at the website in an apple device, slider image is not visible. Please help with resolving this issue)))

Please look in iphone and


    Yes, I see. Edit property to
    #main_header, .fr_slide_image{
    background-attachment: scroll !important;