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Theme options do not react

by ibloon / June 8, 2018, 2:19 pm


When I change the theme options (upload a new logo, change the colours…etc) the system does not react even if I apply changes. 

For example, If i upload a logo, when I press into "use as logo", nothing happens. Is like if everything I do in the options of the theme do not work. 

What can I do?




I see your logo changed

yes because I changed it via FTP, by replacing the original one. Here is a video that explains the issue:



Oh, I'm undarstand.

I checked and everything works. Probably the theme options conflict with one of the plug-ins. 
Therefore, when loading images, press the button File URL(in English WordPress version) URL del archivo, it is above button Use for..

How can plugins conflict? I have installed only the required plugins by your theme. The wordpress installation is fresh installation. Only your theme and your plugins are there... 

I need this to be solved. Can you help me?


I wrote the solution above. After clicking on File URL and applying Use for Logo , you should see the path to the image in the field