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Video pop-up not working

by Kaevex / April 30, 2018, 11:50 am


First of all, thank you for your theme. I really like the design and I'm happy to use it.

Having installed it and added all the plugins I've tried to create a Video-Pop Up in WpBakery in a similar way as it's displayed in your 'Agency' page. To have a in browser pop-up. 

Adding the link to the video pop-up part in WpBakery however, does not seem to work for me, as clicking on it just directs me to the website as if it's a normal link.

Could you take a look at it and maybe see if I'm just doing something wrong, or whether it's an issue with wpbakery? The link is http://vexing.nl/


Thank you!



Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

It looks like you did everything right.
Apparently, there is a conflict in the encoding of files and server. Check that you have the encoding utf-8. Try to update the plugin Fragrance Theme Extensions, I attached the archive


Plugin Fragrance Theme Extensions