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Vortex – putting the name image name in the portfolio

by mckeephoto / August 23, 2015, 12:42 am

Hi, Loving the template and the ease of customizations. However, I need to get the image title to show up with the image when you click on it.

How can I activate that feature of the portfolio?



Oh, I should tell you where the site is too! http://www.sweetblasts.com.

Thank you!



Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate this!

To use the plugin Lightbox so you can display the name only as it allows. To do this you need to open the file portfolio.php and change line 34 to this

<a href="<?php echo $fullsize[0]; ?>" rel="lightbox[united]"  title="<?php the_title(); ?>">

You have a beautiful site, by the way)

Thank you so much!

For my next magic trick...

This may be outside of your area but I am trying to move the image title up onto the bottom of the image. I think I need to hack the lightbox css but wasn't sure.

Can you point me in a direction for this?


You are on the right way. That's where you need to edit

folder css/lightbox.css